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Capturing your most Precious Memories...

I understand just how important it is to choose the right photographer for  you  on your special day, because it's the one thing that I genuinely regret about my own wedding.

I picked the wrong photographer because back then, I honestly didn't think it would matter too much. But it really did. 

Not having any beautiful wedding photos to look back on and remember our day is something we can't change, but it made me want to become a wedding photographer myself - and do things differently. So that's exactly what I did! 

I shot my first wedding in 2009 and have had the pleasure and the privilege to shoot over 400 weddings since then. 

I've split my galleries up into different sections of a wedding day - and please, keep scrolling through as i've added loads to each one so you can see the variety of my work. Hope you enjoy looking through x

Marvellous Mornings....

Let's take a look at some of the action I capture on the morning of a wedding.
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Knowing how you only get one chance to capture a wedding day makes it really important to me that I  get it right for you. When you book me as your photographer, you can trust that I find out exactly what you are both looking for, and discuss all the important people in your life that will be at your wedding so I don't miss out on including them in photos.

I make it my role to capture your day as it happens and the best way to do this is to join in with the laughs and the chats, almost blend into the background in a way and make you feel like you've known me for years. No awkward silences with someone just pointing a camera at you.

Time to Say "I Do"...

Even though I work alone, I try and cover every angle without being obtrusive 
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I take every precaution to safeguard the photos that I take on your wedding day, making sure I back them up on different devices to eliminate risk of losing them. Nothing is left to chance. I have multiple cameras so that should one malfunction, I have a second one ready to continue snapping away with.  I also have professional lighting equipment with me and I am experienced in both on camera and off camera flash photography. This means that even in a dark venue on a rainy day, we can create some magic. 

Just The Two Of Us...

I try and keep my 'posed' photos as natural as possible 
And of course.... LOVE  IS  LOVE !!!
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I always believe in taking payment AFTER i've done the work that I have promised you, so for every wedding I take a £200 (non-refundable) deposit to confirm the date and then the remainder is paid after your wedding once i've edited all your photos and they are in the gallery waiting for you to see them. I also like to edit a sneaky peek for you on the day itself...just to prove I have been working and not just enjoying myself with you all...and you get to see them before your evening guests arrive. If you have a look at my instagram page you will see lots of sneaky peeks from real weddings.

Let's talk about...the speeches

Capturing all the laughs, the tears, and sometimes the shock revelations delivered by the speeches!  
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